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A year ago I attempted suicide and would have been successful but my husband came in early

nancy122570 started this conversation
A year ago I attempted suicide and would have been successful but my husband came in early and found my lifeless body and got a ambulance in just enough time. I was not alert and was in ICU for days. I had been off depresion meds for almost one year. I am having those feelings again and I called to see my psychiatrist and he went to a private practice and does not take insurance. It is all private pay. Since he is in a new office they want to charge me as a new patient. Fees of 350.00 which I don't have.what do I do. I cry even out in public which is so not me. I am so desperate and helpless.
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check with the different agencies in your area salvation army, different churches, and different counseling centers they may be able to help you get the fees waived or help you find some type of coverage
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nancy122570   in reply to maryyt
Thank you!!!!!
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maryyt   in reply to maryyt
*hope you get the medication
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I have struggled I think longer than even I realize with severe depression and have yet to grow a pair and get meds. You sound like one courageous cookie, I am all too familiar with the feeling of just wanting to end the pain forever. It might behoove you to try and find a free clinic in your area who may be able to help, and I have found that meditation and a healthy dose of music and exercise can relieve the symptoms for quite a while. It at least beats the many illegal drugs I used to use =P anyway, I how ypu get the medication you need, and don't forget about that husband of yours! All too often when I'm down I don't utilitize all the awesome support my significant other is willing to give me! Best wishes!!
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nancy122570   in reply to barbiecakes808
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sunshinesmilee   in reply to nancy122570
I didnt know how to reply to your comment.. but please see my post for you.... if you havent.. praying for you..
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barbiecakes808   in reply to nancy122570
I just did . Hope is a good 4 letter word ♥
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Today has seemed so sad and lonely and no help in site. I have spent 4 days in phydical agony from my MD. I am just so alone anymore and I was such a people perso. PLEASE PRAY FERVENTLY FOR ME.
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EDW39A   in reply to nancy122570
Not sure! Maybe people feel they have their own problems!
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nancy122570   in reply to BaddCatt
Good advice, I do feel that way sometimes but deep inside my conscious wont let me though I admit I would like too.
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BaddCatt   in reply to nancy122570
I'm sure that makes you feel like becoming a "Dog Eat Dog" and "Look Out for Number One" type of person, Nancy. But don't do it. I'm sure you'll get through this just as I'm sure I will. And when you do get back on your feet, continue to let God's Love and Spirit of giving shine through you.
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nancy122570   in reply to EDW39A
It seems I almost have I have spent all weekend reaching out to the many people ive helped in the past and is so disheartening to know that people just dont care and some u know have it readily available and are too scared of helping. I have family but they act like we have the plague. Why do people always turn their back on me. It hurts me deep inside and mentally leaves me a wreck.
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EDW39A   in reply to savannerr
I will send a short message and email you in detail Tuesday! I do have some ideas and read some of my post/conversations Tuesday for sure. I have to go into my office now, for a training class.
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savannerr   in reply to EDW39A
Could u message me back or email me
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Do not give up hope. There is hope around!
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angelahaller8   in reply to EDW39A
Have a wonderful day, I'm sending good thoughts your way!!!!!
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EDW39A   in reply to angelahaller8
I totally agree with that!
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nancy122570   in reply to angelahaller8
Yes it really hurts. I wasn't always in this position. Had a good job and made good money and was very generous to other people.
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angelahaller8   in reply to nancy122570
It sux to have to come to a website and talk as it is I just expect respect and I don't like to see people get kicked down when they are already down...
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nancy122570   in reply to angelahaller8
Thank you for the kind words. I didnt see what Obera wrote?
I guess im not uste to this site yet. Kindness goes a long way even if it is in word or thought.
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